The New Chicago and Cook County Paid Sick Leave Ordinances – What Do They Say and How Do They Work? By E. Christopher Caravette July 12, 2017 Before July 1, 2017, in Cook County, Illinois, about 40 percent of private-sector workers (or about 840,000 people) were not entitled to any paid sick leave, and many.. read more →

by E. Christopher Caravette What is a “Power of Attorney” in the first place? A Power of Attorney is a legal document that gives another individual the authority to act on your behalf when you do not or cannot act. You are the “principal” and the person you appoint is the “agent”. There are generally.. read more →

01 Jun 2005
June 1, 2005

Doing Businiess in Chicago

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The Business Operator’s Guide for Starting and Operating a Business in Chicago If You Need Inspections Your application will be sent to the appropriate departments and inspections will be performed. (Not all businesses require inspections.) These include Fire, Building, Plumbing, Ventilation and Health. If you need Electrical Inspection, you must schedule it: (312) 744-3460. The.. read more →

01 Jan 2005
January 1, 2005

Home Occupation

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Rules and Regulations for Operating a Home Based Business in the City of Chicago Recognizing the national employment trend in recent years that has required millions of people to work from their homes, Mayor Richard M. Daley and the Chicago City Council have created the Home Occupation Ordinance, which will allow certain business activities to.. read more →

01 Nov 1999
November 1, 1999

IRAs for Small Business

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Two IRAs were created for small-business owners with no company retirement plan. A SEP IRA (Simplified Employee Pension) is a modified profit-sharing plan for firms of 25 or fewer eligible employees. The employer makes contributions for employees based on a percentage of earnings but does not have to put in anything if the firm has.. read more →

by E. Christopher Caravette Illinois has recently joined the growing list of states which now recognizes a new form of business organization, the Limited Liability Company (“LLC”). The legislation which recognizes the LLC is called the Illinois Limited Liability Company Act (“the Act”), which was passed into law on September 11, 1992, and became effective.. read more →