“We’re Buying a Condominium!” You hear this expression more and more as condominium ownership now covers almost every form or residential housing. Townhomes, duplexes, single-family detached homes and apartment buildings. The principles of condominium ownership apply equally to all. When you buy a condominium unit, you acquire individual and absolute title to the particular space.. read more →

Most home sellers and buyers have been informed that obtaining title insurance will provide them necessary protection over possible title defects; but many remain uncertain why this is so — or even about what title insurance is. Why the Seller Needs to Provide Title Insurance Any prospective buyer will need evidence that his investment in.. read more →

01 Jan 2013
January 1, 2013

What’s in a Title Search?

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A Step-By-Step Review of Title Searches You’ve decided to purchase a home and hope to take possession as soon as possible. The terms have been agreed upon and all the financial arrangements have been made. But there’s one important detail remaining. Before the transaction can close, a title search must be made. The most accurate.. read more →

Today’s lower interest rates have spurred you to refinance your mortgage. Now you can expect to reap the benefits of substantially reduced monthly mortgage payments, but you can also expect to pay the lender the typical closing costs associated with any mortgage loan. Why? Because from the lender’s standpoint, a refinanced loan is no different.. read more →