18 Feb 2017
February 18, 2017

Cook County Treasurer Goes Paperless!

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Cook County Treasurer Goes Paperless! By E. Christopher Caravette February 18, 2017 Like many credit card companies, the Cook County Treasurer now offers eBilling to taxpayers. Beginning with the 2016 2nd Installment Tax Bill (which will issue this summer), you can receive your tax bills via electronic mail. To participate, all you need to do.. read more →

First Installment 2016 Cook County Tax Bills are Out!! By E. Christopher Caravette February 1, 2017 By now, every owner of real estate in Cook County will have received the First Installment of 2016 real estate tax bill. What you should know: In Cook County, we pay annual real estate taxes in two (2) installments… read more →

Those of us who live in Cook County, Illinois, know that our real estate is reassessed every three years.  Well, for those Cook County residents who live in the City of Chicago, this is the year (the south and west suburban townships experienced it last year, and the north and northwest townships will be reassessed.. read more →